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Controlled stretch and drape allows firm handling for a rigid, conforming splint.


Moderate to maximum resistance to stretch. Can be stretched and pulled around curves without thinning or growing out of control. Able to position limb and aggressively hold and stretch material to form splints


Moderate drape, takes on the contours of the hand for an intimate fit using only moderate pressure. Thinner material follows the curves of the hand and fingers with minimal handling


Moderate memory will spring back slightly while warm


Maximum rigidity. Splints will hold their shape against the pull of strong dynamic components and against hypertonicity


Uncoated Solaris provides a slightly sticky surface when warm to keep material in place for an intimate fit

A permanent bond is achieved by applying dry heat and pinching it together firmly. No solvent is needed


Resists fingerprinting. Fingerprints and other marks disappear or can be smoothed away by rubbing the surface gently while the splint is warm. Leaves sealed, smooth edges when cut warm


Ideal for abnormal tone conditions or joint contractures when patients are unable to cooperate. Its unique qualities make Solaris perfect for upper and lower extremity positioning splints and paediatric, non-weight bearing AFOs

The combined drape with controlled, resistive stretch of Solaris allows aggressive, firm handling to form a rigid splint that conforms perfectly to the body.


Allows four to six minutes to form and harden after softening in 71C water

Latex Free

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