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  • Moderate resistance to stretch for easy circumferential splinting. Gently pull away wrap material around the affected part.


  • Moderate drape for excellent fit and comfortability


  • 100% memory for easy remoulding


  • Minimum rigidity. Splints flex slightly with pressure for more comfortably wear
  • Circumferential splints will increase rigidity
  • Splints made from 3.2mm Prism are rigid enough to handle the force of dynamic components
  • Splints made from 2mm perforated prism form strong but flexiby splints for a variety of lightweight applications


  • Traditional non-sticky coating allows the splinter to fabricate overlapping circumferential splints quickly. Splints can be moulded over bandages easily without sticking
  • To form a permanent bond, scrape shiny coating off using scissors or use solvent and dry heat until the material is soft. Press together firmly~~SURFACE FINISH:
  • Resists fingerprints, even with aggressive handling
  • Colour retains its vibrancy and shine~~APPLICATIONS:
  • 3.2mm Prism can be used for hand and upper extremity splints, lower extremity splints and return-to-work splints. Great for serial splinting.
  • 2mm Prism is ideal when a lighter weight, less rigid material is desired. Use for paediatric, finger, thumb and circumferential splints.
  • Prism turns translucent when ready to apply
  • Leaves sealed, smooth edges when cut warm~~WORKING TIME (3.2mm):
  • Prism has a long working time becoming form in approximately six minutes at 71 C.
  • Latex free


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