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Get in touch, if you have any questions or queries about our range of pillows

Get in touch, if you have any questions or queries about our assessment products





  • Provided with the most common currents: 4-pole IF, 2-pole IF (Premode), NMS,Russian, Biphasic (TENS), Hi-Voltage (HV), Microcurrent (MCR), DC: Galvanic, Faradic, Diadynamic (DF, MF, CP, CP-ISO, LP, RS)
  • Touch screen for easy operation
  • 2-channel simultaneous monitoring
  • 42 preset programs and 80 custom programs provided


  • Power Supply: AC100-240V 50/60 Hz ~~Number of Channels: 2 independently controllable ~~IF Carrier Frequency: 2 - 10 kHz ~~Frequency: IF 1-200 Hz, Biphasic/NMS 1-250 Hz, HV 1-120 Hz, MCR 0.1-1000 Hz ~~Current Amplitude (peak): IF Russian 100mA, Biphasic/NMS 200mA HV 500 V, MCR 1000uA, DC 80mA ~~Dimensions: 285mm (L) x 197mm (W) x 153mm (H) ~~Weight: 1.8kg ~~Certification: FDA Clearance, EU MDD, CFDA, TGA, CMDCAS, Russian approved


  • Patient Switch
  • Power Cable
  • Remote interlock Connector
  • Laser protection Glasses (x2)
  • User Manual
  • Rubber Electrodes - 60 x 90mm (x2)
  • Rubber Electrodes - 70 x 110mm (x2)
  • Envelope Sponges - 70 x 100mm (x2)
  • Envelope Sponges - 80 x 120mm (x2)
  • Self Adhesive Electrodes - 50 x 50mm (x4)
  • Self Adhesive Electrodes - 50 x 100mm (x4)
  • Straps - 75 x 1200mm
  • Straps - 75 x 600mm
  • Stim Leads (x2)

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