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The NeuroTrac Pelvitone is an advanced and modern neuromuscular stimulation unit.

Includes Vaginal Electrode

The NeuroTracT PelviTone is an advanced and modern digital dual channel STIM unit featuring 11 built in continence programmes and 3 custom programmes. The NeuroTracT PelviTone unit will help with a wide variety of continence problems and is widely used by therapists around the world who require flexibility and advanced functions!

Features and Benefits:

  • Suitable for urinary or rectal incontinence
  • Digital Dual Channel STIM unit
  • 11 Built in programmes for ease of use
  • Pulse width selection from 50µS - 450µS
  • 3 Customisable 5 segment programmes
  • Ability to lock the unit
  • Records time in use and average current
  • Alternating & Synchronous between channels A & B
  • User friendly
  • Suited for the experienced therapist while still maintaining its ease of use
  • Lock mode function for measuring home compliance of stimulation time in use and the average current
  • Compact, light and reliable

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