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Biogel® PI UltraTouch® surgical glove is made 15% thinner than standard Biogel PI gloves – for maintained tactile sensitivity, even when double-gloving.

It's a synthetic (non-latex) powder-free design – which reduces the risk of glove-related allergies for staff and patients. The thin fit conforms to your hands like a second skin and reduces hand fatigue. The expert feel and comfort is comparable to natural rubber latex.

You can wear Biogel PI UltraTouch as a standard all-purpose surgical glove, or as the overglove in a double-gloving Biogel Puncture Indication System – to help protect you and your patients with best-in-class perforation detection .

  • 15% thinner than regular PI gloves, for extra feel and tactile sensitivity 
  • Polyisoprene (non-latex) to avoid latex sensitivities
  • A clinical study shows non-Biogel gloves are 3.5 times more likely to fail than Biogel gloves  
  • Wear it with a Biogel underglove to create a Puncture Indication System with clear, fast and large perforation indication
  • Proven to detect up to 97% of punctures when double gloving

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